Composite Materials Handbook Volume 2 - Revision H

Composite Materials Handbook Volume 2 - Revision H

Polymer Matrix Composites: Materials Properties

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An updated revision (“Rev. H”) of the second volume of the CMH-17 compendium contains statistically-based data for polymer matrix composites that meets specific CMH-17 population sampling and data documentation requirements, covering material systems of general interest. Selected historical data from previous versions of the handbook that do not meet current data sampling, test methodology, or documentation requirements, but are still of potential interest to industry are also included in this volume.

Seventeen new data sets with complete documentation and publicly available specifications were added in the new Revision H of the Composites Materials Handbook, Vol.2. The new data sets include carbon fiber and glass fiber composites.

The Composite Materials Handbook, CMH-17, is a six-volume engineering reference tool that contains over 1,000 records of the latest test data for polymer matrix, metal matrix, ceramic matrix, and structural sandwich composites. CMH-17 provides information and guidance necessary to design and fabricate end items from composite materials. It includes properties of composite materials that meet specific data requirements as well as guidelines for design, analysis, material selection, manufacturing, quality control, and repair.

Its primary purpose is to standardize engineering methodologies related to testing, data reduction, and reporting of property data for current and emerging composite materials.

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