IPC 9797A:2023

IPC 9797A:2023

Press-fit Standard for Automotive Requirements and other High-Reliability Applications

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This standard prescribes practices for the characterization, qualification and acceptance requirements of compliant press-fit technology for printed boards that cover the manufacturability and reliability needs for high-reliability applications intended for use in harsh environments such as automotive and aerospace.

Additional requirements for aerospace applications in Appendix B may apply.

For a more complete understanding of this document’s practices and requirements, one may use this document in conjunction with IPC-HDBK-979

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Auteur Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)
Edité par IPC
Type de document Norme
Thème Design
EAN ISBN 978-1-63816-136-3
ICS 31.180 : Cartes et circuits imprimés
Nombre de pages 60
Remplace IPC 9797:2020
Mot-clé IPC 9797-STD-0-D-0-EN-A