BS ISO 10791-6:2014

BS ISO 10791-6:2014

Test conditions for machining centres Accuracy of speeds and interpolations

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Testing conditions,Defects,Accuracy,Angles (geometry),Interpolation,Dynamic testing,Acceptance inspection,Feeders (materials handling equipment),Velocity,Machine tools,Numerical control,Tolerances (measurement),Centres (machine tool components),Dimensional tolerances,Performance testing,Dimensional measurement,Test equipment,Machining tolerances

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Auteur British Standards Institution (BSI)
Comité MTE/1/2 - Engineering
Edité par BSI
Type de document Norme
EAN ISBN 978 0 580 68295 7
ICS 25.040.10 : Centres d'usinage
Nombre de pages 62
Remplace BS ISO 10791-6:1998
Produits apparentés ISO 10791-6:2014
Mot-clé BS ISO 10791-6:2014