Standards Compilations by Category

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Accreditation & Certification

  • ASTM Standards for Laboratory Accreditation and Personnel Certification

Atmospheric Analysis

  • ASTM Standards on Indoor Air Quality: 4th Edition


  • ASTM Standards on Building Economics: 7th Edition
  • ASTM Standards and Technical Articles Relating to Structural Glazing: 2nd Edition
  • ASTM Standards Related to Manual 18 - A Companion CD
  • ASTM Standards and Technical Material for Dimension Stone
  • ASTM Glass and Glazing Standards for the Building Industry
  • ASTM Standards for Whole Building Functionality and Serviceability, 3rd Edition
  • ASTM Standards in BUILDING CODES
  • ASTM International Standards for Sustainability in Building: 4th Edition

Cement & Concrete

  • ASTM Standards for Limestone and Lime Products and Their Applications 2nd Edition
  • Normas de Concreto de la ASTM en Español e Inglés
  • ASTM Standards for Ready-Mixed Concrete Standards: 4th Edition

Consumer Product Evaluation

  • ASTM Standards Related to Candles and Accessories: 2nd Edition

Corrosion & Wear

  • ASTM Standards for Corrosion Testing of Metals: 3rd Edition

Environmental Assessment

  • ASTM Standards for Environmental Risk Management


  • ASTM Standards for Mechanical Fasteners and Related Processes: 3rd Edition

Fire & Flammability

  • ASTM Fire Standards
  • ASTM Fire Standards for Upholstered Furniture, Mattresses, and Bedding
  • ASTM Standards for Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems

Geotechnical Engineering

  • ASTM Standards Related to Environmental Sampling: 4th Edition
  • ASTM Standards on Erosion and Sediment Control Technology: 3rd Edition
  • ASTM Soil Compaction Standards: A Companion CD to Manual 70
  • ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Characterization: 4th Edition
  • ASTM Standards for Determining Subsurface Hydraulic Properties and Groundwater Modeling: 3rd Edition


  • ASTM Standards for Green Meetings

Industrial Hygiene & Safety

  • ASTM Standards for Electrical Protective Equipment and Occupational Protective Footwear


  • ASTM Masonry Standards for the Building Industry: 7th Edition

Medical Services

  • Respiratory Equipment Standards from ASTM Committee F29
  • ASTM Standards for Accident and Disaster Control


  • ASTM Standards for Maintenance, Repair and Operations in the Chemical Process Industry, 3rd Edition

Nuclear Technology

  • ASTM Standards on Sterilization of Health Care Products

Paints & Related Coatings

  • ASTM Paint and Coatings Standards
  • ASTM International Standards on Color and Appearance Measurement: 8th Edition
  • ASTM Standards for Protective Coating Application and Inspection
  • ASTM Standards for Surface Preparation

Paper & Packaging

  • ASTM Standards for Flexible Barrier Packaging Design


  • ASTM Standards Related to Crude Oils
  • ASTM Standards on Hazardous Substances and Oil Spill Response: 3rd Edition
  • ASTM Standards on Assessment and Remediation of Petroleum Release Sites, 2nd Edition
  • ASTM Standards on Lubricant Chemistry -- A Companion CD to Manual 59

Property Management Systems

  • ASTM Standards for Property Management Systems

Quality Control

  • ASTM Standards on Precision and Bias for Various Applications: 6th Edition

Sports & Recreation

  • ASTM Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices
  • ASTM Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices: 8th Edition

Steel--Structural, Tubes, Plate, Coated

  • ASTM Standards for Fence Materials and Products: 12th Edition
  • ASTM Standards for Welding, 2nd Edition


  • ASTM Dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology, Ninth Edition (Chinese)
  • ASTM Online Dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology


  • ASTM Standards for Acid Rock Drainage Prediction
  • ASTM and U.S. EPA Standards for Cyanide Analysis, Sampling, and Mitigating Interferences