ASTM Volume 09.01 -  Multi-User - Single-Site Online

ASTM Volume 09.01 - Multi-User - Single-Site Online

Rubber, Natural and Synthetic — General Test Methods, Carbon Black

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Volume 09.01 contains tests and practices for evaluating rubber, rubber-like materials, carbon black, and recovered carbon black (rCB). Some general tests and practices fix standard procedures for performing chemical analysis, assessing processability, physical properties, aging and weathering effects, low temperature effects, and adhesion. Others evaluate compounding materials, carbon black, and synthetic rubbers, such as CR, IIR, IR, NBR, BR, and SBR. This volume also details standards on natural rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, and terminology.

Informations supplémentaires

Auteur American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International)
Edité par ASTM
Type de document Recueil de normes
Edition révision n° 2023
ICS 83 : Industrie des élastomères et des plastiques
Nombre de pages 1380
Mot-clé Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2015 ASTM VOL 09.01 ASTM-09-01- ASTM.VOL.09.01. ASTM-SECTION-09-01- ASTM.09.01. ASTM0901 ASTM09-01- ASTM09.01. ASTMVOL.09.01. ASTMVOL09-01-
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