ASME Y14.46-2022

ASME Y14.46-2022

Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing

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This Standard covers the definitions of terms and features unique to additive manufacturing (AM) technologies with recommendations for their uniform specification in product definition data and in related documents. Unless otherwise specified, any reference to features, parts, or processes shall be interpreted as applying to parts or assemblies manufactured using an AM process. Additively manufactured parts or assemblies are referred to as â??partsâ?? throughout the Standard. The Standard extends to capturing relevant AM detail from design, manufacturing, and quality engineering.

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Auteur American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Edité par ASME
Type de document Norme
Thème Design Process
Edition révision n° 2022
EAN ISBN 9780791875032
Nombre de pages 52
Remplace ASME Y14.46-2017
Mot-clé Y14.46-2022
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