ASM Handbook Volume 6

ASM Handbook Volume 6

Welding, Brazing, and Soldering

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Volume 6 is the most comprehensive reference book ever produced on the major joining technologies and their applications to engineered materials. With over 500 illustrations and 400 tables, this book includes practical advice on consumable selection and procedure development, as well as joining fundamentals.

Find the Answers in Four Major Sections:

Fundamentals of Joining--addresses fundamental principles including basic chemistry, physics, and metallurgical concepts.
Joining Processes--provides details on all major joining processes, including process parameters, advantages and limitations, applications, equipment, and health and safety.
Materials Selection for Joined Assemblies--describes how to optimize materials selection for particular applications.
Consumable Selection, Procedure Development, and Practice Considerations--serves as a guide to practices for joining specific materials, based on comprehensive, up-to-date information and data on all principal materials types and joining processes.

Additional topics include: joint evaluation and quality control, modelling of joining processes, underwater welding, space welding, cryogenic welding, joining of composites and plastics, intelligent automation for joining technology, corrosion of weldments, thermal spray coating, cutting processes, health and safety, and welding terms and definitions.

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Auteur D.L. Olson, T.A. Siewert, S. Liu, and G.R. Edwards
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