ASM Handbook Volume 5

ASM Handbook Volume 5

Surface Engineering

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This volume provides all the detailed information about surface cleaning, finishing, and coating that you'll find absolutely vital.

Sections include: Surface Cleaning, Finishing Methods, Plating and Electroplating, Dip/Barrier/Chemical Conversion Coatings, Vacuum and Controlled-Atmosphere Coating and Surface Modification Processes, Testing and Characterization of Coatings and Thin Films, Surface Engineering of Irons and Steels, Surface Engineering of Nonferrous Metals, Surface Engineering of Selected Nonmetallic Materials, Environmental Protection Issues, Glossary of Terms.

You'll read never-before published articles on testing of coatings and thin films, environmental concerns, and surface engineering of nonmetallic structural materials. There's also expanded analysis of advanced processes such as chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, and diffusion coatings. Plus you'll receive additional information in the areas of continuous coatings, electroplating, and finishing methods. A comprehensive glossary of terms is included.

You'll learn all the options available to improve the performance of metallic and selected nonmetallic parts along with procedures that can be utilized to enhance appearance and corrosion resistance, as well as wear, thermal, and electrical properties. You'll also find hundreds of tables, graphs, and charts that describe process parameters, solution compositions, operating conditions, specifications and the like along with numerous photographs and schematic drawings of processes and equipment.

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Auteur Robert C. Tucker, Jr.
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ICS 25.220 : Traitement et revêtement de surface
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