ASD-STAN prEN 2267-012:2022

ASD-STAN prEN 2267-012:2022

Aerospace series-Cables, electrical, for general purpose — Operating temperatures between -65 °C and 260 °C — Part 012: DZ family, single UV laser printable for use in low pressure atmosphere — Product standard

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This document specifies the characteristics of UV laser printable electrical wires DZ family for use in the on board:

— 115 VAC (phase to neutral) or 200 VAC (phase to phase) electrical network of aircraft,

— 230 VAC (phase to neutral) or 400 VAC (phase to phase) electrical network of aircraft and particularly use in non-pressurized areas.

This cable family is used at operating temperature between -65 °C and 260 °C. These cables are demonstrated to be arc resistant for both networks (115 VAC and 230 VAC).

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ICS 49.060 : Equipement et systèmes électriques aérospatiaux
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