ANSI/VITA 46.30-2020

ANSI/VITA 46.30-2020

VPX: Higher Data Rate

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Objective: The VITA 46.30 standard defines a VPX connector that supports higher data rates, to at least 25 Gbaud, for protocols such as 100GBASE-KR4 Ethernet and PCIe Gen 4. The higher data rate connectors compliant to VITA 46.30 are intermateable with legacy VITA 46.0 connectors and follow the same form factor.

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Auteur VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA)
Edité par VITA
Type de document Norme
ICS 31.200 : Circuits intégrés. micro-électronique
31.220.10 : Fiches. Connecteurs
35.160 : Systèmes à microprocesseurs
Mot-clé ANSI 46.30,ANSI/VITA 46.30,46,ANSI/VITA 46.30-2020
ANSI Approved