AMCA 211-13 (Rev. 10-18)

AMCA 211-13 (Rev. 10-18)

Certified Ratings Program - Product Rating Manual for Fan Air Performance

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The purpose of this manual is to prescribe technical procedures to be used in connection with the AMCA Certified Ratings Program for fan air performance.

Products that can be licensed by AMCA to bear the AMCA certified ratings seals are those defined in ANSI/AMCA Standard 99, Section 0068, ISO 13349, and IEC 60335-2-80 and are within the product scope of AMCA International.

The program applies only to fans and axial impellers.

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Edité par AMCA
Type de document Norme
ICS 23.120 : Ventilateurs et climatiseurs
Nombre de pages 95
Historique ANSI/AMCA 208 (2018)
Mot-clé AMCA 211-13 (Rev. 10-18)