VG 95343-18:2017-05

VG 95343-18:2017-05

Heat shrinkable components - Part 18: Connector endshells with inner coating, detail standard, Text in German and English



This standard applies in connection with VG 95343-2 for connector endshells with inner coating, which are used as endshells with electrical plug connectors. Properties and regulations which are common to all types of components, as well as general implementing regulations, matters of liability and patent rights, etc. are included in VG 95343-2.

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Author BWB
Published by DIN
Document type Standard
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Number of pages 32
Replace VG 95343-18 (2012-08)
Document history VG 95343-18 (2017-05),VG 95343-18 (2012-08),VG 95343-18 (2008-11),VG 95343-18 (2001-05),VG 95343-18 (1995-07),VG 95343-18 (1987-06)
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