VG 95218-11:2018-01

VG 95218-11:2018-01

Cables and insulated wires - Part 11: Cables for voice transmission, not coiled and coiled, detail standard, Text in German and English



This standard applies for communication cablings in the military domain in connection with VG 95218-2 for cables with additional requirements.

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Author BWB
Published by DIN
Document type Standard
Format File
Number of pages 38
Replace VG 95218-11 (2011-04)
Document history VG 95218-11 (2018-01),VG 95218-11 (2011-04),VG 95218-11 (2008-01),VG 95218-11 (2000-09),VG 95218-11 (1987-09)
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