VG 95082-3:2017-05

VG 95082-3:2017-05

Statistical methods of quality assurance - Part 3: Inspection by attributes, Application of DIN ISO 2859-1, Text in German and English



Out of the various developed sampling systems with different risk distribution between producer and consumer, sampling systems with producer's risk as leading point have been agreed due to international experiences. Such a sampling system based on the acceptance quality limit (AQL) is specified in DIN ISO 2859-1. The standard VG 95082-3 includes detailed explanations on the application of the standard mentioned above in the Bundeswehr area. Furthermore, it particularly includes standard phrases for contractual stipulations.

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Replace VG 95082-3 (2010-06)
Document history VG 95082-3 (2017-05),VG 95082-3 (2010-06),VG 95082-3 (1994-08),VG 95082-3 (1984-04),VG 95082-2 (1968-12),VG 95083-5 (1968-03),VG 95083-2 (1968-01),VG 95083-3 (1966-12),VG 95083-1 (1965-08)
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