VG 85322-1:2017-12

VG 85322-1:2017-12

Disposal of wastewater from ships, DN 50, PN 10 - Part 1: Concepts, assembly; Text in German and English



This standard applies to the specified hose assemblies and components used when NATO vessels discharge waste water in port into shore-based stations. Bilge and ballast water are not waste water in the context of this standard because these contain oil. For standards on the disposal of these waste waters, see Annex A.

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ICS 01.040.13 : Environment. Health protection. Safety (Vocabularies)
01.040.47 : Shipbuilding and marine structures (Vocabularies)
13.060.30 : Sewage water
47.020.30 : Piping systems
Number of pages 13
Replace VG 85322-1 (1997-03)
Document history VG 85322-1 (2017-12)
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