VDV-Schrift 261:2020-01

VDV-Schrift 261:2020-01

Recommendations on Connection of Dispositive Back-end to an Electric Bus,Complementary to ISO Standard 15118



This framework recommendation is intended to support public transport companies, bus manufacturers and software providers by the development of a common communication interface between an electric bus and various back-ends, e.g. a depot management system. International standardisation deals comprehensively with the vehicle-to-grid- communication. Meanwhile, ISO 15118, edition 1, is regarded as the main standard in this field. However, it has turned out that it does not fully consider the operation of electric buses in urban areas. Thus, ISO 15188, edition 1, does not describe the communication with a vehicle availability system, which e.g. makes a vehicle ready for its next journey and activates the preconditioning system. It seems that efforts to extend the standard in this respect might result in a new standard by about 2025 at the earliest. However, by then many proprietary solutions might have been developed. To counteract this scenario, this VDV Recommendation has been prepared. It is to support the vehicle-to-grid communcation pursuant to ISO 15118, edition 1, in the bus depot and describes a communication path and a communication protocol, which consider both ISO 15118, edition 1, and the special requirements of public transport companies.

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Author Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (VDV)
Published by VDV
Document type Recommendation
ICS 43.120 : Electric road vehicles
03.100.70 : Management systems
Number of pages 94
Keyword VÖV 261, 261