VDI/VDE 3511 Blatt 4:2021-12

VDI/VDE 3511 Blatt 4:2021-12

Temperature measurement in industry - Radiation thermometry



The standard has been fundamentally revised and updated compared to the issue of December 2011. It continues to deal with radiation thermometry comprehensively and does not presuppose knowledge of the supplementary parts specialising in individual aspects of radiation thermometry. The supplementary parts deal with the relevant topics in more detail than this standard. After an introduction to the basics of radiation temperature measurement, the different types of radiation thermometers and thermographic cameras are presented. The optical components of radiation temperature measuring instruments are discussed and procedures for determining the emissivity are described. Possible sources of error in non-contact radiation thermometric temperature measurement, especially the influence of the emissivity of the object to be measured and the radiation temperature of the environment, are presented in detail. The standard addresses technicians, engineers, and natural scientists who want to perform accurate non-contact temperature measurements in industry and research.

Additional Info

Author Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI)
Published by VDI
Document type Draft standard
ICS 17.200.20 : Temperature-measuring instruments
Number of pages 60
Set VDI-Handbuch Energietechnik,VDI/VDE-Handbuch Optische Technologien,VDI/VDE-Handbuch Prozessmesstechnik und Strukturanalyse
Keyword VDI 3511,VDI 3511 Blatt 4,VDI/VDE 3511,3511