VDI/VDE 2623:2022-03

VDI/VDE 2623:2022-03

Format for data exchange in management of measuring and test equipment - Definition of the Calibration Data Exchange format (CDE format)



The standard defines a data exchange format for the computer-aided exchange of data between departments and enterprises for the application in the management of measurement and test equipment. For the description of the data XML (Extensible Markup Language) was selected, since the XML data format can be integrated very simply in database applications and Internet environments. The structure of the data format is described, which is divided into an economical part and into a technical part. With application of the data format, it is possible to realize a complete job execution with all associated data across this data format. The standard is addressed to manufacturers and users of measuring and test equipment, calibration laboratories and calibration service providers.

Additional Info

Author Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI)
Published by VDI
Document type Standard
ICS 03.120.10 : Quality management and quality assurance
35.240.99 : IT applications in other fields
Number of pages 48
Replace VDI/VDE 2623 (2012-02), VDI/VDE 2623 (2020-11)
Set VDI/VDE-Handbuch Fertigungsmesstechnik,VDI-Handbuch Produktionstechnik und Fertigungsverfahren Band 3
Keyword VDI 2623, 2623