VDI 4610 Blatt 1:2018-01

VDI 4610 Blatt 1:2018-01

Energy efficiency of industrial installations - Thermal insulation



This standard applies to the thermal insulation at industrial installations in industry and in the building services. The standard provides a tool, which allows for the establishment of heat and cold losses as well as for the design of actions for an effective insulation, considering ecological and economic points of view. The standard is based on ecological balancing of insulation and, in this way, supports measures to protect the climate.

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ICS 91.120.10 : Thermal insulation of buildings
91.140.99 : Other installations in buildings
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Replace VDI 4610 Blatt 1 (2016-04)
Document history VDI 4610 Blatt 1 (2018-01)
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