VDI 4320 Blatt 4:2018-01

VDI 4320 Blatt 4:2018-01

Measurement of atmospheric depositions - Determination of the deposition of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) using the funnel-adsorber collector



The standard specifies a method for the determination of the atmospheric deposition of selected PAH compounds. Depositions are sampled by means of a funnel-adsorber system. PAH analysis is carried out using HPLC/FID or GC/MS. The method is equivalent to the reference method DIN EN 15980 for sampling periods of four weeks.

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ICS 13.040.20 : Ambient atmospheres
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Replace VDI 4320 Blatt 4 (2016-07)
Document history VDI 4320 Blatt 4 (2018-01)
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