VDI 2552 Blatt 9:2022-03

VDI 2552 Blatt 9:2022-03

Building information modeling - Classification systems



The standard describes how a classification system for component types in a digital building information model is applied across processes. This enables the parties to have a common understanding of the information contained in the building model and, in conjunction with a system for model development, enables the realisation of a high degree of automation for the processes to be operated by them. This standard thus explains the structure and application of classification systems for digital building information models for all parties involved in planning, construction, operation and deconstruction.

Additional Info

Author Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI)
Published by VDI
Document type Standard
ICS 67
Number of pages 27
Replace VDI 2552 Blatt 9 (2020-08)
Keyword VDI 2552, 2552