VDI 2310 Blatt 27:2022-03

VDI 2310 Blatt 27:2022-03

Maximum immission values - Maximum immission values for lead to protect farm animals and the food derived from them



The standard sets maximum immission values (MI values) for lead. According to the current state of knowledge, the lead levels mentioned do not lead to adverse effects on the health and performance of the animals, even after long-term intake. Furthermore, if the MI values are observed, it is not to be expected that the maximum lead levels in animal foodstuffs set at European level will be exceeded under the usual feeding regimes. The derivation of MI values for lead is based on long-term experiments to determine dose-time-effect relationships in farm animals. The standard is addressed in particular to persons who directly or indirectly handle or come into contact with the listed farm animal species and the food derived from them.

Additional Info

Author Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI)
Published by VDI
Document type Draft standard
ICS 13.040.20 : Ambient atmospheres
65.020.30 : Animal husbandry and breeding
Number of pages 7
Replace VDI 2310 Blatt 27 (2020-06)
Set VDI-Handbuch Nutztierhaltung: Emissionen/Immissionen,VDI/DIN-Handbuch Reinhaltung der Luft Band 1
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