VDI 2035 Blatt 1:2021-03

VDI 2035 Blatt 1:2021-03

Prevention of damage in water heating installations - Scale formation and waterside corrosion



This standard deals with damage caused by scale formation and water-side corrosion. It gives recommendations for their avoidance in hot water heating systems according to DIN EN 12828 within a building, where the specified flow temperature does not exceed 100 °C. It also applies to hot water heating systems which are operated temporarily or permanently in direct hydraulic connection with corrosion-resistant closed cold or cooling water circuits. The standard takes into account the previously separate topics of "scale formation" and "water-side corrosion" in a combined standard. Current technical findings and the subject area of existing installations were taken into account in the revision and consolidation.

Additional Info

Author Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI)
Published by VDI
Document type Standard
ICS 91.140.10 : Central heating systems
91.140.65 : Water heating equipment
Number of pages 84
Replace VDI 2035 Blatt 1 (2005-12), VDI 2035 Blatt 1 (2019-03), VDI 2035 Blatt 1 Berichtigung (2006-12), VDI 2035 Blatt 2 (2009-08)
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