Tribology of Diamond-like Carbon Films

Tribology of Diamond-like Carbon Films

- Fundamentals and Applications



Provides reliable and up-to-date information on available industrial DLC coatings
Includes clear definitions and descriptions of various DLC films and their properties

Since their initial discovery, diamond-like carbon films have enjoyed an overwhelming interest from both the scientific and industrial communities. There now exist reliable models, computer simulations and experimental findings that clearly demonstrate their exceptional friction and wear properties. Tribology of Diamond-like Carbon Films discusses the most important structural, chemical, mechanical and tribological characteristics of DLC films, and emphasizes their applications in mechanical systems ranging in size from nano/micro (like MEMS, NEMS) to macro scale devices (like bearings, gears, aerospace mechanisms, various engine parts and components). The chapters of this book are particularly dedicated to the fundamental tribological issues that impact the performance and durability of these coatings in numerous industrial applications including automotive, microelectronic, aerospace, biomedical, and manufacturing.

Written by some of the most prominent world experts representing academia, national laboratories, and industrial companies, Tribology of Diamond-like Carbon Films is an important book for researchers and engineers.

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Author Donnet, Christophe, Erdemir, Ali (Eds.)
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