Total Materia - Essentials Basic - 1 utilisateur - 1 site

Total Materia - Essentials Basic - 1 utilisateur - 1 site

Subscription 1 user- 1 location : single user / location

Package Essentials Basic - 3 components :

Total Metals : Total Metals is by far the world’s largest database for metallic material properties and sits at the core of the Total Materia product offering serving as the gateway for an unparalleled collection of datasets and modules which serve the global engineering community.
Focused on providing standard metal properties data, Total Metals provides you with a staggering 15,000,000 property records for over 350,000 materials from 74 countries/standards.

Tracker : In today’s ever increasing pace of changing international standards, and producer specifications, Tracker is the Total Materia answer to your critical material traceability needs.
Providing a bulletin style monthly notification service, Tracker allows, not only important standard and material updates to be monitored but even gives information on exactly what has changed within the material, whether it be updates to important properties data, addition of completely new datasets, or a simple update to version details.

Suppliers (Beta) : The Suppliers module in synergy with the Total Metals module gives you precise connections between material specifications and suppliers from all over the world.
Allowing a direct link between materials of interest and finding suppliers across the globe, Suppliers allows for maximized communication and a critical starting point for the purchasing process.



Total Materia has a package and licensing option to suit your needs. From our smallest single user packages to our global corporate licenses, Total Materia offers exceptional added value to your engineering tasks.

What’s Inside
Properties for 450,000+ Materials
3,000+ Sources for Advanced Data
Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites
150,000+ Stress-Strain Curves
74 Standard Development Organizations
35,000+ Materials with Cyclic Properties
International Cross-Reference Tables
Property Estimation and Interpolation
Chemical Composition
Data Export to CAE Software
Mechanical and Physical Properties
Identification of Unknown Materials
Multiple Material Comparison Options
Standard and Material Update Tracking

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