IEE Xplore Digital Library


IEEE Xplore Digital Library


IEEE standards, available through the IEEE Xplore® digital library, are used around the world to help industries and businesses open up business opportunities, maximize research efforts, generate public and customer trust, bring order to the market and improve security.


Your subscription allows you to :


-  Maximize product development and R&D with the most comprehensive collections of IEEE standards.

-  Access all active, revised, archived and planned IEEE standards.

-  Stay up to date with alerts on new standards and projects.

-  Increase your productivity and save time by consolidating all your standards in one place.

-  Customize your subscription with a full menu of access levels - from a handful of users to full company-wide access.

-  Manage your IEEE standards needs online.

-  Search standards by subject, title, designation, and keywords using the IEEE Xplore digital library.


Ordinateur clavier IEEE Xplore



Available collections

IEEE All-Inclusive Standards

IEEE All Information Technology Standards

IEEE All Power and Energy Standards

IEEE All Telecommunications Standards

IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems

IEEE Arc Flash Standards

IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standards

IEEE Foundations for Smart Grid

IEEE LAN/MAN 802® Standards

National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®)

IEEE >Nuclear Engineering Standards

IEEE Power Distribution and Regulating Transformers Standards

IEEE Power Protective Relaying Standards

IEEE Power Switchgear Standards

IEEE Software Engineering Standards


3 nouvelles collections parues en 2020

Blockchain IEEE Xplore

Cybersécurité IEEE Xplore

E-Santé santé IEEE Xplore


IEEE Blockchain Technology

IEEE Cybersecurity

IEEE Digital Health



These standards are designed to help technology products, vendors and integrators create devices and systems.



These standards can help improve data quality and communications security systems around the world.


Formerly "eHealth", this package supports today's industry in the health sector.




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