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Section 1 : Iron and steel products


Release date

Number of standards

Number of pages

Section 1 complete (9 volumes ci-dessous)



8 818

Volume 01.01 Steel – Pipes, tubes, fittings



1 136

Volume 01.02 Ferrous castings - Ferroalloys




Volume 01.03 Steel – Plastes, sheets, strips, wires




Volume stainless steel bars 01.04 Steel – Structural, Reinforcing, Pressure Vessel, Railway




Volume railway 01.05 Steel – Bars, forgings, bearing, chain




Volume coated steel products 01.06



1 024

Volume 01.07 Ships and Marine Technology (I): F670 - F1511



1 260

Volume 01.08 Ships and Marine Technology (II): F1546 - dernier




Volume 01.09 Fasteners – Rolling Element Bearings





Volume 1 includes standards for steel pipes that require high temperature service, ordinary use and other special applications, specifications on steel pipes for boiler and superheater pipes, general service pipes , tubes still in refinery service, heat exchanger and condenser tubes, mechanical tubes and structural tubing. Steel casting specifications are for standard properties of valves, flanges, fittings and other pressure parts for high and low temperature service.


Volume 2 includes standards that describe the property requirements for steel castings used for general applications, structural purposes, and high and low temperature service. It also provides alloy casting specifications for nickel and chromium alloy castings.

Other standards detail the properties and test requirements for gray and white iron castings, cast iron pipe and fittings, and ductile iron castings.

This volume also includes standards for radiographic examination of castings for use with ASTM standard reference radiographs.


Under the title of Steel Sheets, Sheets and Strip, volume 3 covers specifications which focus on the requirements and applications of mechanical properties. The majority of them have been adopted by the Ministry of Defense. The specifications also describe the properties of different types of steel wire and industrial sizing screens.


Volume 4 presents specifications that set out the requirements for various types of structural steel, such as high-strength, low-alloy rolled steel floor plates and carbon-silicon steel plates.

Some standards focus on plates and forgings used in boilers and pressure vessels, while others deal with steel for reinforcing concrete and prestressed concrete.This volume also includes specifications that define the properties of rail service rails and accessories.


Specifications and test methods examine the properties of various steel bars intended for specific or general applications. The standards focus on carbon steel and alloy steel axles, forged carbon steel wheels, steel tires, and carbon and alloy steel forgings for rail use.


Volume 5 also provides standards for steel forgings and billets in various applications, such as pressure vessels, rotors and general use. Other specifications cover steel chain, bearing steels and tool steels.


Volume 6 covers aluminum or galvanized steel, tin products and coated steel wire. It also includes standards for chain link, ornamental and security fencing.


Volume 7 covers requirements for steel furniture, watertight doors and marine cladding.


Volume 8 covers requirements for steel furniture, watertight doors and marine cladding.




Volume 9 covers specifications for internal and external threaded fasteners and non-threaded drive fasteners. Also included are rolling element bearing standards, establishing the properties of bearings used in automotive and aerospace applications.

Rouleaux en acier et aluminium


Section 2 : Non-ferrous metal products


Date de parution

Nombre de normes

Nombre de pages

Section 2 complete(5 volumes ci-dessous)



4 928

Volume 02.01 Copper and Copper Alloys




Volume 02.02 Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys




Volume 02.03 Electrical Conductors




Volume 02.04 Nonferrous Metals – Nickel, Titanium, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Zirconium, Precious, Reactive, Refractory Metals and Alloys: Materials for Thermostats, Electrical Heating and Resistance Contacts, and Connectors



1 364

Volume 02.05 Metallic and Inorganic Coatings, Metal Powders and Metal Powder Products



1 116


Volume 02.01 includes standards for plate, plate, strip, rolled bar, bar bar, and copper and copper alloy shapes. Some detail the ownership requirements for seamless and welded pipe for ordinary use, water service, condensers and special uses. Others cover various types of wire, including hard drawn copper, copper-silicon alloy, and phosphor bronze.



The specifications in thisVolume 02.02cover aluminum, aluminum alloys and aluminum coated steel, including bars, rods, wires, forms, castings, forgings, fasteners, pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, sheets and cables. It also includes the American National StandardANSI H35.2 for dimensional tolerances for aluminum products.

Other standards set the ownership requirements for magnesium ingot and magnesium alloy castings, including sheet metal, forgings, anodes, bars, rods, and shapes; and measuring indentation hardness, shear testing, stress testing, and ultrasonic inspection.



Volume 02.03 focuses on electrical conductors, mainly aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum clad steel, copper, copper alloy, copper clad steel and steel wire. Various specifications define the properties required for stranded conductors and wires. Others detail the properties of aluminum, copper and core coated steel wires, as well as guy ropes, messengers and span wires.



More than half of the standards presented in Volume 02.04 are specifications for nickel and nickel alloys which cover castings, forgings, pipes, tubes, plates, sheets, bands, rods, bars and wires. Also included are specifications for zinc, recycled zinc, zinc alloys, cadmium, copper, gold, titanium, zirconium, etc.

Procedures for measuring properties such as cross-curvature and material flexivity of thermostats and resistance of electrical contacts to atmospheric corrosion are also included in this volume.



Under the heading of metallic and inorganic coatings, the specifications establish requirements for electrodeposited coatings of cadmium, tin and mechanically deposited zinc. This volume includes tests to measure the properties of anodically coated aluminum; determine coating thickness and corrosion; and electroforming, electroplating and surface preparation.


Volume 02.05presents standards for metal powders and powdered metal products. It includes test methods and specifications that deal with base metal powders, cemented carbides, refractory metal powders, density, flow rate, hardness and particle size. This volume also includes standards for powder metallurgy (P / M) and structural metal injection molded parts (MIM).





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