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The 80 ASTM standards books contain over 12 800 standards


They are available in print and online.

Volumes can be purchased individually, as a full section (25% discount) or as a full collection (50% discount)

By providing you with 24/7 online access to content developed by ASTM's global network of experts, ASTM Compass® helps you ensure safety, improve quality and gain a competitive advantage. Add your content, your partner's content and more.

You search and refine searches in your native language and quickly find the standards you need to use in your industry. Instantly access one of more than 12,000 ASTM standards, as well as AASHTO, AATCC, API, AWS, AWWA, CGA et UOP when and where you need them.

By combining these over 12,000 standards with over 1,500 books and over 47,000 articles and articles, Compass offers you one of the most comprehensive libraries of technical information in the world. With tools to add notes, attachments, and even your own standards, you'll be able to work smarter and faster.

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