MySTD : european standards


MySTD – the digital platform for European standards


Ensuring the integrity of an organization is not an easy task. MySTD, the digital platform for NBN standards, was designed to make your life easier. It helps you manage standards within your organization to improve process efficiency, risk management and internal satisfaction.


NBN European standards


MySTD : your personalized and centralized catalog of standards

Managing your collection of standards online is now possible with MySTD. This convenient online platform gives you quick and easy access to the most recent and superseded versions of the NBN standards in various languages. With MySTD you can create a centralized collection of standards suitable for your organization, in which your own standards also have a place, download and print your standards in a jiffy, and much more.

Your catalog of NBN standards on MySTD contains:

         all Belgian standards (NBN) ;

         all European standards accepted by Belgium (NBN EN) ;

         all international standards accepted by Europe and Belgium (NBN EN ISO) ;

·         international standards not accepted by Europe, but accepted by Belgium (NBN ISO).



A solution adapted to your organization

Depending on your needs, MySTD offers many possibilities:

         update your own collection – you create your own collection of standards in your personal MySTD account. You can consult all your standards there (in PDF format or in reading mode) and make them available to your organization. You can also enable notifications to be notified of changes or updates;

         consult the standards online – in the user-friendly online reading room, you can consult more than 35,000 Belgian or European standards in all available languages (NL, EN, FR and DE). The reading mode is accessible at any time;

         access to foreign standards and integration of your own standards – you can also request non-NBN standards (eg foreign standards) on MySTD and add them to your standards collection. The standards you already have can also be used there. On request and thanks to an integrated control system, the NBN guarantees copyright protection and compliance of all your purchases, including from other standards publishers;

         manage your own collection – exclusively for administrators: one administrator is appointed per account. He manages the MySTD account himself, he can add and delete other users, and he has access to account statistics, including user reports. He can use the information contained in these reports to optimize the account;

         tailor-made training – we offer training tailored to your organization, allowing you and your colleagues to experience the world of standards and MySTD.


The advantages of myNBN

With MySTD, you benefit from an intuitive and reliable solution. It brings added value to your organization because:

         the latest version of the standards is always applied correctly and it is possible to refer to them precisely at any time. The integrity of your business is thus preserved;

·         processes are more efficient thanks to a centralized system that can be shared with multiple users and creates clarity within your organization;

         risk management is improved;

·         purchasing administration is faster and more flexible; you save time and money;

·         Access to all standards and related documents is facilitated and accelerated, which improves internal satisfaction..



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