SSPC TU 7:2015

SSPC TU 7:2015

Conducting Ambient Air, Soil, and Water Sampling During Surface Preparation and Paint Disturbance Activities, Includes Editioral Revision (2004)



This technology update describes methods and equipment used for monitoring emissions during surface preparation and other emission generating operations and to assess whether the controls in place are adequate for protecting the public, the environment, and adjacent personnel or meeting federal, state and local regulations or specified requirements. The intent of this report is to present the user with a variety of methods of testing that may be appropriate for monitoring project emissions, and describe the information provided by each of the monitoring methods. The criteria used for selecting a particular monitoring method must be determined on a case-by-case basis by the facility owner or specifier but should include consideration of the type of surface preparation operation being performed, the dust-producing nature of the operation, the type of containment, proximity of the work area(s) to the public, sensitive environmental receptors, adjacent personnel, the amount of lead, other toxic metal, or hazards present in the coating, abrasive or other materials, and other site-specific characteristics.

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