SSPC TU 3:2017

SSPC TU 3:2017

Overcoating Existing Coating Systems Applied to Steel Substrates




1.1 This technology update discusses the risks associated with the maintenance painting practice known as overcoating. Factors affecting overcoating application, service and costs are discussed.

1.2 This document is intended to serve as a resource for facility owners and others charged with developing and implementing maintenance painting programs.

1.3 Overcoating is one of several maintenance painting options. This document is not intended to provide a detailed description or comparison of the relative merit and cost considerations of overcoating versus other maintenance painting options. For a more complete and detailed discussion of maintenance painting practices, the reader should refer to SSPC-PA Guide 5, Guide to Maintenance Painting Programs.

1.4 This document focuses primarily on overcoating of existing coating systems applied to steel substrates.

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