SSPC SP 3:2018

SSPC SP 3:2018

Power Tool Cleaning



1. Scope

1.1 This standard contains the requirements for power tool cleaning to remove loose detrimental foreign matter from steel substrates.

1.2 This standard differs from SSPC-SP 2 Hand Tool Cleaning, in that SSPC-SP 2 requires use of hand-held tools without supplemental power.

1.3 This standard differs from SSPC-SP 15, Commercial Grade Power Tool Cleaning, in that SP 15 uses power tools to remove all visible oil, grease, dirt, rust, coating, metallic oxides, mill scale, corrosion products, and other foreign matter from the surface, with the exception of trace amounts of coating, staining and corrosion in pit bottoms.

1.4 Units of Measure: This standard makes use of both the IEEE/ASTM SI 10 International System Units (SI) units and U.S. Customary units. The measurements are not exact equivalents, therefore, each system must be used independently of the other without combining in any way. This standard uses SI units with the U.S. Customary conversions shown in parentheses.

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