SSPC SP 15:2012

SSPC SP 15:2012

Commercial Grade Power Tool Cleaning, Includes Editorial Revision (2013)



This standard covers the requirements for power tool cleaning to provide a commercial grade power tool cleaned steel surface, and to retain or produce a minimum 25 micrometer (1.0 mil) surface profile.

A commercial grade power tool cleaned steel surface, when viewed without magnification, shall be free of all visible oil, grease, dirt, rust, coating, oxides, mill scale, corrosion products, and other foreign matter, except as noted.

Random staining shall be limited to no more than 33 percent of each unit area of surface as defined. Staining may consist of light shadows, slight streaks, or minor discolorations caused by stains of rust, stains of mill scale, or stains of previously applied coating. Slight residues of rust and paint may also be left in the bottoms of pits if the original surface is pitted. This standard differs from SSPC-SP 3 and SSPC-SP11.

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