SSPC QS 1:2015

SSPC QS 1:2015

Standard Procedure for Evaluating a Coating Contractor's Advanced Quality Management System



SSPC-QS 1 requires a coating contractor to implement
and document advanced quality control and recordkeeping
procedures. As such, the requirements of this standard are
intended to supplement the requirements of SSPC-QP 1,
SSPC-QP 3, SSPC-QP 6, and SSPC-QP 8. Owners and
specifiers who require a higher level of quality control for their
projects have the option to require that a contractor qualified
to QP 1, 3, 6, or 8 also present evidence that its quality
system meets the requirements of QS 1 on projects where an
SSPC-QS 1 certification or an equivalent advanced quality
management system is required.

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Author Society for Protective Coatings
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