SSPC Paint 44:2013

SSPC Paint 44:2013

Liquid-Applied Organic Polymeric Coatings and Linings for Concrete Structures in Municipal Wastewater Facilities, Performance-Based, Includes Editorial Revision (2013)



The standard provides performance requirements for coatings and linings used on sound concrete substrates in principal service environments of areas of a municipal wastewater treatment facility, including:

Collection Systems (manholes, lift stations, pump stations, tunnels and interceptors)
Preliminary Treatment Systems (grit chambers, headworks and screening structures)
Primary Treatment Systems (sedimentation tanks and primary clarifiers)
Secondary Treatment Systems (aeration basins, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact chambers and oxygenation chambers)
Advanced Treatment Systems (filtration units)
Solids Handling Areas (digesters and dewatering structures)
Chemical Storage: Secondary Containment Structures

Nonmandatory Note 6.1 provides an example of project specification language used to invoke requirements of this standard.

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