SSPC Guide 6:2015

SSPC Guide 6:2015

Guide for Containing Surface Preparation Debris Generated During Paint Removal Operations, Includes Editoral Revision (2018)




1.1 This guide describes methods of paint removal, containment systems, and procedures for minimizing or preventing emissions from escaping the work area, and
procedures for assessing the adequacy of the controls over emissions.

1.2 The containment systems are categorized in up to four classes per type of paint removal method, based on the extent to which emissions are controlled.

1.3 This guide is primarily intended for use with steel structures, however, some of the methods and materials may be suited for use on concrete, aluminum, wood, or other materials of construction.

1.4 This guide is intended for use by facility owners, specifiers, designers, and contractors. It may also be used by other interested parties.

1.5 A discussion of ventilation is included in the guide to assist users in both controlling emissions to the environment, and in enhancing worker protection and visibility within the containment. It is important to recognize that ventilation systems alone may or may not be sufficient to fully protect workers when the paint being removed contains lead or other toxic metals, and additional work practice and/or administrative controls and respiratory protection may be required to control worker exposures. Requirements or evaluation methods for worker health and safety are outside the scope of this guide.

Note: When toxic metals are referenced in the Guide, lead is often used as the example. This should not be construed to imply that lead is the only toxic metal contained in paints or abrasives, or that lead is the only toxic metal addressed in regulations. A number of toxic metals may be present in paint and abrasives, and regulations are available to address many of them.

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