SSPC Guide 23:2017

SSPC Guide 23:2017

Field Methods for the Determination of Moisture in Concrete and Masonry Walls and Ceilings, EIFS, and Stucco



1. Scope

1.1 This Guide describes common field methods for the determination of moisture content in painted and unpainted exterior concrete and masonry walls (CMU, brick, stone [manufactured and natural], poured-in-place, pre-cast, and tilt-up), Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS), stucco, and concrete and masonry ceilings (panels, planks and castin- place). Many of the ASTM test methods cited in this Guide were developed for use on floors, but the methods are also suitable for use on walls and ceilings. References to relevant industry standards and recommendations for selecting test locations, frequency of testing, and acceptance criteria are provided. Methods other than those included here may also be suitable for use.

NOTE: The warnings and limitations of the various test methods described in this Guide are based on typical situations and may not reflect all field situations. The determination of moisture content can be very complex, and many unanticipated or unknown external factors can affect the results.

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