SSPC CTS 1:2018

SSPC CTS 1:2018

Concrete Coating Texture Standard: Classification of Concrete Coating Finish Textures



This standard establishes a classification system for textures of finish coats of applied concrete flooring systems. When used in conjunction with a set of tactile comparators, it establishes a standard terminology that can be used by owners, specifiers, and concrete flooring installers to describe various coating surface textures. It is not intended to be used as a compliance verification tool.
This standard is not a slip resistance guide, nor does it assign a definitive "slip resistance" Coefficient of Friction ("COF") to any texture finishes. Surface texture and its corresponding COF is only one factor to be considered in determining the "slipperiness" of a surface. Other factors affecting COF include maintenance, contaminants, and the floor coating resin. Appendix 1 provides a relative guide of COF for samples of each classification of Coating Finish Texture ("CFT").

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Author Society for Protective Coatings
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