SPI B151.20-2013 (R2018)

SPI B151.20-2013 (R2018)

American National Standard for Plastic Sheet Production Machinery - Safety Requirements for Plastic Sheet Production Machinery



ANSI/SPI B151.20-2013 (R2018) provides safety requirements, including risk assessment procedures for manufacturers and users of plastic sheet production machinery, including multi-roll calendars intended for the processing of plastics and concerns the calendar including all components fixed to the frame. The purpose of this standard is to identify and address known hazards to personnel working on, or adjacent to the machinery.

Additional Info

Author Society of the Plastics Industry
Published by SPI
Document type Standard
Confirmation date 2018-01-01
Number of pages 43
Replace SPI B151.20-1999
Keyword SPI B151.20-2013 (R2018)