Spec 2400 Revision 2021.1 PDF (single-user)

Spec 2400 Revision 2021.1 PDF (single-user)

Spec 2400: Allowable Configuration Data Exchange Standard



ATA Spec 2400 is a specification for the exchange of configuration data between Aircraft Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The primary deliverable is a standardized file which defines the Allowable Configuration of an aircraft and its major components applicable to maintenance and airworthiness. This specification addresses two forms of Allowable Configuration: Allowable Configuration in Parts and Allowable Configuration in Modifications. Allowable Configuration in Parts defines part configuration attributes and concepts which integrate engineering product structure with allowable part usage by Function Position installation through the life of an aircraft. Allowable Configuration in Modifications provides the list of modifications allowed to be embodied on an aircraft or its major components depending on status of various conditions.

The Allowable Configuration file is primarily machine readable, allowing aircraft operators to perform automated validation of actual configuration compliance rather than interpreting information from multiple maintenance source documents.

Additional Info

Author Airlines for America (A4A)
Published by ATA
Document type Specification
Edition 2021.1
ICS 49 : Aircraft and space vehicle engineering
Replace 2020.1, 2018.1