SAIA A92.8-2012

SAIA A92.8-2012

Vehicle-Mounted Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Devices



This Standard applies to the establishment of criteria for design, manufacture, remanufacture,
rebuild/recondition, testing, inspection, installation, maintenance, use, training, and operation of Vehicle-
Mounted Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Devices, primarily used to position personnel, to achieve the
following objectives:
(1) Prevention of personal injuries and accidents,
(2) Establishment of criteria for design, manufacture, remanufacture, installation, rebuild/recondition,testing, performance, inspection, training, maintenance, and operation,
(3) Establishment and understanding by designers, manufacturers, remanufacturers, installers, dealers,
owners, users, operators, lessees, lessors and brokers of their respective responsibilities.

Additional Info

Author Scaffold and Access Industry Association
Published by SAIA
Document type Standard
Number of pages 50
Replace SAIA A92.8-2006
Keyword SAIA A92.8-2012
ANSI Approved