SAE J 2847/6:2020-09-29

SAE J 2847/6:2020-09-29

Communication for Wireless Power Transfer Between Light-Duty Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Wireless EV Charging Stations



SAE J2847/6 establishes minimum requirements for communication between an electric vehicle and an inductive battery charging system for wireless power transfer (WPT). Where relevant, this document notes—but does not formally specify—interactions between the vehicle and vehicle operator.
This document leverages the work of the SAE J2954 Alignment and Controls Sub-Team in the Wireless Power Transfer and Alignment Task Force by extending a JSON-based message set (protocol) originally developed to bench test wireless energy transfer interoperability between unmatched Ground Assembly (GA) and Vehicle Assembly (VA) systems (i.e., components manufactured by different companies). SAE J2847/6 furthers that work by adding messages sufficient to indicate that proper coil alignment has been achieved, initialize the sub-systems for wireless charging, ramp-up to full power, perform active wireless power transfer, and terminate the WPT session.
Guidance for an engineering implementation of the JSON protocol is provided as a reference for developing verification and validation of test plans by enabling the GA and VA to transmit a basic set of information using standard wireless IEEE 802.11n (Wi-Fi) communications hardware.

Additional Info

Author Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE)
Committee Hybrid - EV Committee
Published by SAE
Document type Standard
ICS 43.040.15 : Car informatics. On board computer systems
43.120 : Electric road vehicles
Number of pages 96
Replace SAE J 2847/6:2015-08-05
Document history SAE J 2847/6:2015-08-05
Keyword SAE 28476,SAE J2847/6,SAE J2847/6,SAE J 2847/6
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