NFPA/T3.6.8 -2010

NFPA/T3.6.8 -2010

Fluid power systems - Cylinders - Dimensions for accessories for cataloged square head industrial types



This standard includes nominal dimensions of accessories for cataloged industrial square head fluid power cylinders. Such accessories include pivot pins, plain rod eyes, rod clevises, eye brackets, split collars and weld plates [basic cylinder dimensions are standardized in NFPA/T3.6.7 R3], dimensional identification code for envelope and mounting dimensions not already set forth in ISO 6099, dimensions for simplification of variety and dimensional interchangeability purposes only. This document is in no way intended to imply suitability of dimensioned components for any particular service or application. A method to determine load ratings will be handled through subsequent documents, dimensions for mounting accessories that will have a load rating compatible to that of the cylinder pressure rating for which the accessory is intended.

Additional Info

Author National Fluid Power Association [NFPA-Fluid]
Published by NFPA-FLUID
Document type Standard
ICS 23.100.20 : Cylinders
Number of pages 10
Replace NFPA/T3.6.8 (2007)
Weight(kg.) 0.1170
Document history NFPA/T3.6.8 (2010),NFPA/T3.6.8 (2007),NFPA/T3.6.8 (1984)