NFPA/T3.19.12M:1982 (R2017)

NFPA/T3.19.12M:1982 (R2017)

Hydraulic fluid power - Reciprocating dynamic sealing devices in linear actuators - Method of testing, measuring and reporting leakage



Includes standard methods for testing, measuring, and reporting leakage of reciprocating dynamic hydraulic fluid power sealing devices in linear actuators.

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Author National Fluid Power Association [NFPA-Fluid]
Published by NFPA-FLUID
Document type Standard
Confirmation date 2017-01-01
ICS 23.100.60 : Filters, seals and contamination of fluids
Number of pages 12
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Keyword NFPA/T T3,NFPA/T3,T3,NFPA/T3.19.12M