NFPA (Fluid) T3.21.3 R1-2008 (R2018)

NFPA (Fluid) T3.21.3 R1-2008 (R2018)

Pneumatic fluid power Flow rating test procedure and reporting method For fixed orifice components



1 Scope and field of application NOTE This method is to be used as an alternative to ISO 6358, which is recognized as the preferred flow rating test procedure and reporting method.1.1 To define a rating parameter, test method, and method of reporting flow in fixed orifice pneumatic fluid power components. 1.2 To promote better pneumatic fluid power systems by providing manufacturers and users of components with an easily understood standard means of developing, verifying and communicating pneumatic flow ratings. This standard does not apply to control valves used in flow control of process fluids, as defined in Fluid Control Institute standards ANSI/FCI 68-1 and ANSI/FCI 68-2.

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Author National Fluid Power Association
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