NFPA (Fluid) T2.6.1 R2-2001 (R2019)

NFPA (Fluid) T2.6.1 R2-2001 (R2019)

Fluid power components - Method for verifying the fatigue and establishing the burst pressure ratings of the pressure containing envelope of a metal fluid power component



This standard provides:
test and statistical methods for generating fatigue distribution data,
test and statistical methods for conducting a verification of the pressure ratings on fluid power components,
common requirements and an industry-wide philosophy in judging one type of pressure capability for fluid power components,
uniform methods of product comparison.

Additional Info

Author National Fluid Power Association
Published by NFPA-FLUID
Document type Standard
Confirmation date 2019-01-01
Edition 3
Number of pages 52
Keyword NFPA (Fluid) T2.6.1 R2-2001(R2019)