NBN ISO 26683-3:2020

NBN ISO 26683-3:2020

Intelligent transport systems ? Freight land conveyance content identification and communication ? Part 3: Monitoring cargo condition information during transport

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This document establishes requirements for transport and condition monitoring of transported consignments such as agri-food and perishable goods, through applications, models, processes, and information bundles. This document applies to both domestic and cross-border transport of transported consignments, and incorporates the methods described in ISO/IEC 19845, ISO/TS 24533 and ISO/TS 17187 which are transport domain specific, as discussed in the Introduction. Specific extensions include additional actors in the model related to, in particular, the agriculture transport sub-domain, with extended specific processes, and additional information items and/or information bundles for consignment conditions.

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Author ISO
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Document type Standard
ICS 35.240.60 : IT applications in transport and trade
55.180.01 : Freight distribution of goods in general
Document history No
Keyword ISO 26683-3, ISO 26683-3:2020
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