NBN ISO 21219-3:2020

NBN ISO 21219-3:2020

Intelligent transport systems ? Traffic and travel information (TTI) via transport protocol experts group, generation 2 (TPEG2) ? Part 3: UML to binary conversion rules (TPEG2-UBCR)

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TPEG applications are modelled in UML to provide an application description that is independent of a physical format representation. By separating semantics from application description, applications can easily be developed at a functional level. Different physical format representations can be generated following a well defined set of rules on how to convert UML classes to different physical formats.

This document specifies the rules for converting UML models of TPEG application to the TPEG binary format. It contains the binary format definition of the abstract data types defined in ISO 21219-2. Rules for converting compound data types are also defined.

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Author ISO
Published by NBN
Document type Standard
ICS 03.220.01 : Transport in general
35.240.60 : IT applications in transport and trade
Document history No
Keyword ISO 21219-3, ISO 21219-3:2020
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