NACE SP 0403:2015

NACE SP 0403:2015

Avoiding Caustic Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Refinery Equipment and Piping



REAFFIRMED IN 2008. This standard is intended to provide guidance to those designing, fabricating, and/or maintaining carbon steel equipment and piping that is exposed to caustic environments. An informal review of current industry caustic handling practices was completed in 1999. This standard incorporates the findings of that survey as they apply to refinery applications. Key words: carbon steels, refinery equipment, stress corrosion cracking.

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Author NACE
Published by NACE
Document type Standard
Format File
Edition 2015
ICS 75.180.10 : Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment
77.060 : Corrosion of metals
Number of pages 20
Replace NACE SP 0403 (2008)
Document history NACE SP 0403 (2015)
Keyword 0403;NACE SP 040315;SP0403-2015