Machinery's Handbook (Large print edition)

Machinery's Handbook (Large print edition)



Since the first edition published more than 100 years ago, Machinery's Handbook has been the most popular engineering resource of all time. Universally considered the principal reference in the manufacturing and mechanical industries, the Handbook is the ultimate collection of essential information needed by engineers, designers, drafters, metalworkers, toolmakers, machinists, educators, students, and serious home hobbyists. From engineering and design departments, machine and metalworking shops, and a wide range of manufacturing and industrial facilities, to countless classrooms and workshops worldwide, this is the must-have technical reference.

Machinery's Handbook is acknowledged as an exceptionally authoritative and comprehensive, yet highly practical, and easy-to-use tool. The 31st edition of the "Bible of the Mechanical Industries" continues in this tradition, providing users with fundamental and essential aspects of manufacturing practices, including hundreds of ASME and ANSI standards updates and thousands of revisions to text, tables, equations, and figures.

New to the 31st Edition

Additive Manufacturing: Expert discussions, exploring 3D printing materials, techniques, and workflow, compare traditional machining to today's additive manufacturing processes.

Machine Elements and Operations: Updated and expanded coverage of CAD/CAM operations, boring, nontraditional cutting methods, o-rings and glands, and transmission chains.

Manufacturing and Materials: Additional information on utilizing today's plastics, powder metallurgy standard and tool steels, manufacturing stresses, and preventing corrosion.

Metal Casting and Molding: New information for working with iron, steel, nonferrous metals, and alloys, metal casting and molding processes, and modeling and design considerations.

Math, Measurement, and Dimensioning: Reorganized, revised, and expanded sections provide ready access to clear information, essential formulas, and everyday calculations and conversions.

Metalworking Processes: More on brazing, soldering, welding, nondestructive testing, forming sheet metal, mill finishes, passivation, electropolishing, and plating.

Threads and Threading: The latest series and selected combinations for Unified Screw Threads.

Additional Info

Author Erik Oberg, Franklin Jones, Holbrook Horton, Henry Ryffel
Published by EUROSPAN
Cover Hardcover
Document type Book
Theme Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies
Edition 31
Number of pages 2996
Weight(kg.) 2.8580
Keyword Génie mécanique / conception / calculs (assistés par ordinateur) - Éléments de machines / fabrication de machines / mécanismes - Métallurgie : travail et transformation des métaux, fonderie, formage - métallurgie des poudres - métaux renforcés<br><br>